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Is image manipulation ethical?

cnn vs usa today

I was catching up on breaking news this morning when I noticed something interesting.

I recently downloaded the CNN app for my Windows Phone (finally starting to write more apps for that platform!) and was scrolling through the Christopher Dorner/ LAPD shooting story that shared some breaking details this morning. I was satisfied with the coverage, although I did pick out some typos in another story, but it did suffice for my morning news consumption. I was surprised to see, however, when I returned to my trusted USA Today app that I’ve used for several months. The picture of Dorner was exactly the same, yet strikingly different.

Home screen. Scroll down. CNN- loading..

Yes, it was the same picture, but definitely enhanced with a darker look and feel. This case sounds familiar. Remember the O.J. Simpson Newsweek and Time magazine from Media Ethics? I sure do.


In both cases, I would argue that these men don’t deserve much sympathy. However, is it ethical from a mass communications standpoint to deceive our audience my manipulating images?

Some food for though. Let me know what you think below!


Scratching the surface of my passion

It’s not an uncommon question, “What are your passions?” It’s not uncommon, for me at least, to give a common answer. I love music and baseball. I can write about my experiences with them both, how I’ve grown from them and how music and baseball has shaped my character. I’m sick of it. So, I scratched the surface.

What is it about music and baseball that I love so much? I’m fairly average at both activities, I’m not pursuing a career in either and I can’t seem to find time to fit them into my daily or weekly grind. Seems like I’m either lacking passion in my life, or that same passion lives in new and exciting opportunities.

Music and baseball allow me to be part of something bigger, a team or an ensemble. Working together with people feeding and thriving off one and other’s ideas, hard work and insight. Collaboration. Ah, that’s better. I’m passionate about collaborating. It gives me freedom with a safe home base. The foundation of a team allows for risky creativity, which generates ideas and outputs far greater than any one person. Collaboration is my passion.

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