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My name is Anthony Virgilio and I am currently studying Public Relations and Marketing at Marquette University. I began my journey into this world in the small town of Lake in the Hills, Illinois. I enjoy playing most sports, listening and playing music, and engaging in two-on-two foosball games. I take pride in being named ‘top chef’ of my house of four roommates. When I have an extra hour and a solid internet connection, I love to catch up on some of my favorite shows: Game of Thrones, The League, Arrested Development, Modern Family and, of course, Madmen.

I am the Advertising Director at the Marquette Student Media Department, where I spend most of my time organizing, planning and facilitating a student-run advertising agency. I would love to continue my learning experience and take my talents to a public relations or advertising agency in the near future.

Writing is an important tool in anyone’s repertoire. However, writing is a vital tool for my pursued profession. My writing skills are grounded in a solid understanding of grammar, A.P. style, media writing and structure. I hope to continue to sharpen my writing skills at the university level, and throughout my career.


One thought on “About the Author

  1. Funny, I work there too!… I think your writing skills are pretty good, and I agree, now a days is not only vital for PR writing but for any job. You should probably bring some of your food to the office meetings so we can see if you are trully a “top chef”

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