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The Solar System of Strategy: Earth is Social


With the emergence of new media and technologies, marketers have an opportunity to reach consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout their day, week, month and year. However, contrary to many belief’s, it’s not enough for a brand to just be present in a space such as social media. A brand must execute tactics under a well thought-out strategy in order to succeed.

It seems like there’s a strategy for everything, though. A social strategy, a brand strategy, a content strategy, a campaign strategy- the list goes on. Well, that’s because there is. And if there weren’t, account people, like me, would end up pulling their hair out. Strategies are wonderful. They allow us to stay grounded in an industry where the only creative constraints are ourselves. It allows brands to remain efficient, consistent and dynamic.

But which strategy trumps all strategies in a marketing plan? I think of it like a solar system. The sun is the brand strategy, the one thing we must not stray from. The brand strategy is at the center- all other strategies orbit the brand strategy. Without the brand strategy, the social strategy would not exist.

Where does a social strategy fit in? It sits  92,960,000 miles from the sun, has only one moon and is the only planet with proven life. That’s right, social strategy is Earth. Social media has given brands the opportunity, for the first time ever, to form two-way communication with their audience. It is no longer a print ad, a radio spot or a billboard. Brands can now have conversations with the communities that matter most. It makes sense because Earth is all about interactions, cultures and communities. A social strategy is an important part to a brand’s marketing plan because social media empowers consumers and humanizes brands. Without the sun, however, Earth and many life forms would sadly die (too soon, dinosaurs?).  If you build a social strategy without relating it to the brand strategy, it will fail. On the flip side, a weak brand strategy will hinder even the strongest social strategy.

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