I prefer Lakefront Brewery for more than just a brew



Lakefront Brewery is one of my favorite brands. One reason Lakefront remains top-of-mind is their commitment and engagement in the social space. Here are two reasons that Lakefront Brewery utilizes their social networks well.

  1. Lakefront is human

Lakefront comes off as approachable and down to earth on their social platforms. From a consumer standpoint, you can relate to a brand that speaks your language. More importantly, consumers relate to brands that are part of their lives, share their triumphs and understand their struggles. People want to be interacting with other people. The more a brand can become a person, the more compelling and engaging the brand will be to their followers.

Here’s a great example of Lakefront Brewery utilizing the human element with their My Turn Series, which allows their employees a shot at concocting their very own brew. This literally puts a person’s name next to their brand. Chad could be anyone walking down the street, but it’s the fact that he’s walking on the same street as everyone else- that’s important. Sharing pictures and mentioning the release dates of this series adds to the power of this human element within the Lakefront Brewery brand.

Lakefront Myturn

2.   Lakefront is responsive

If you look at their Twitter feed it’s trickled with tweets and retweets from Lakefront Brewery followers. It’s important for brands to remain a part of the conversation. It adds to the human element and encourages followers to engage in conversation. The more conversation a brand can have with its audience the better. That two-way conversation will move consumers from brand purchasers to brand loyalists and advocates.

Lakefront Twitter

If you look at Budweiser’s Twitter feed they have little conversation with their audience and seem to never retweet their fans.

Budweiser Twitter

Those are a few reasons I think Lakefront Brewery does a great job engaging with their followers using social media.

Enough about what I think. What do you think?



3 thoughts on “I prefer Lakefront Brewery for more than just a brew

  1. taravandygriff says:

    Anthony, I couldn’t agree with you more! I love following Lakefront on twitter, and I think MKE Brew Co. does a really great job as well. I love seeing the human aspect of their brand, especially because they are local.

    I’m curious, do you think that these two breweries (and other smaller breweries) are good at social media because they aren’t a huge corporation? They rely heavily on the loyalty of their local consumers, so they have to interact with them to survive, where as Bud has the ‘luxury’ of not needing to interact so personably?

    Great post! (And I totally think we should go on an ADPR4300 brewery tour!)

    • Thanks for the comment, Tara. First off, totally agree that we should consider a ADPR4300 brewery tour. But also, I think their size and client base definitely make social media more of a necessity for Lakefront Brewery and MKE Brewing Company. While I think Budweiser does a great job with pushing to relevant content through their social channels, I think any brand that achieved humanization will succeed. How about Miller having almost zero social presence? Come on now.

  2. Great post Anthony. I love seeing the local brands that I follow execute great social strategy and Lakefront is one of them. I agree with your points and I think that engagement and continual conversation with their followers leads to a better social strategy in the future. I love that Lakefront is a brand that is responsive and personable on social media platforms.

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