Budweiser trots away with Super Bowl social victory


While many brands geared up for an exciting Super Bowl, most also understood the potential the night presented. Sure, most brands understand that they should undoubtedly be in the social space during the super bowl, but from what I could tell, few brands understood what being effective in that space actually meant.

The problem with Twitter and social media in general is the lack of strategy while using it. It is not enough to simply be in the space. Brands must show their audience value by linking and sharing content that is meaningful to their lives. Budweiser displayed this well during their 2013 Super Bowl campaign.

If you didn’t catch their commercial or tweets, I recommend checking them out. I don’t think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. What’s beautiful is how on strategy they are with every touch point of this campaign.

Budweiser shows how social media should be used to bring their audience into a two-way conversation. More importantly, they utilized their website as a space for the content to further live, develop and grow.

It seems many brands think that their “social strategy” is to tweet during the Super Bowl. But rather those tweets should are their tactics, which resonate a concept and follow a strategy. Budweiser nailed in this Super Bowl.

Enough about what I think. Tell me what you think below!


2 thoughts on “Budweiser trots away with Super Bowl social victory

  1. alisonmancuso says:


    This commercial definitely tugs at the heart strings. In fact, when I saw it for the first time during the Super Bowl, it brought tears to my eyes (and I’m slightly afraid of horses!). Budweiser consistently does an excellent job with their Super Bowl ads, and this year is no different. Needless to say, I think this ad created the usual buzz centered around Budweiser and it will keep consumers coming back for more. Mission accomplished, Budweiser!

    Great post!


  2. Chuck Gardella says:

    Budweiser definitley does a good job of engaging its viewers online in this ad. That is something that not many advertisers did this Superbowl. While it was a Geary affair, this ad really shows others how it is done to have intercommunication with its consumers and the company.

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