Twitter in the classroom

For my Public Relations Writing course, we were assigned to tweet 50 times in the semester. We were to tweet of anything and “@FverythingPR.” By simply using the hashtag #adpr3600, we were able to mark our course specific tweets. All sounds good on paper, but the way it ended up seemed drawn out and forced.

I love Twitter. I think it’s a great source of instant news and entertainment all at once. I think it’s one of the few social media that can be utilized professionally. With Twitter, you must practice outstanding writing skills. Without an interesting, lead-type tweet, you will never be read or cared about. We scan through Twitter feed while we eat our breakfast, in between classes and while we watch TV. It’s constant, relevant and fun.


One thought on “Twitter in the classroom

  1. djenders says:

    Anthony –

    I’d encourage you to share your feedback with Gee. As educators I think it can become difficult to develop a course offering and have appropriate material to grade you on as the landscape of education has changed.

    In ADPR4300, I have no choice but to grade the class on their interactions. And having a minimum amount is the only way I can ensure some students finish their assignments.

    At the end of the semester I would love to hear your thoughts about both classes.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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