Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pinterest PR

As social media platforms sprout up rapidly in every direction, most will have to answer this million dollar question: what’s our differentiator? Pinterest seems to cut through the social media clutter with a user-friendly website.

Best of all, the opportunities for brand storytelling are endless.  While I scroll through my “pins” on my Pinterest account, I immediately spot some of my favorite brands. The best part about it: it’s discrete and not in-your-face like Twitter and Facebook. The brands are seamlessly weaved in to my natural interests and hobbies.

I learned that Pinterest is one of the top 10 largest social media sites with a staggering 11 million visits per week, according to Hitwise Data. In January 2012, Pinterest drove more referral traffic to retailers than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

I think there are pretty clear PR tactics within Pinterest. A company pays millions of dollars for a banner ad on YouTube’s homepage, but Fossil pins their latest watch collection to the Men’s Fashion category on Pinterest and instant recognition with the perfect target market. For Free.

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