7-Election takes count

As election season infests the late months of 2012, 7-Eleven jumps into the mix with an impressive Public Relations stunt. Seven-Election allows 7-Eleven customers to voice their opinions this election season. I cannot imagine sales skyrocketed due to this event, surely most people did not visit 7-Eleven just to walk around with a blue or red cup for the rest of the morning. However, it brought meaning to many people’s daily routines- people that get that same cup of coffee every morning. This puts these people into a larger community and therefore strengthens the relationship between 7-Eleven and its stakeholders.


2 thoughts on “7-Election takes count

  1. comiskeysean says:

    It could also work to weaken relationships with shareholders depending on the outcome of sales, so for example a Romney supporter being upset because all the Obama cups were sold out (meaning hes winning or something). Very silly way to capitalize on the election.

  2. I aree. It is also a way to get people to talk about 7 Eleven. Many of these establishments have been closing across the country and I think this is a good start to ge back up on their feet.

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